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Autumn Colours - Wyming Brook

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I guess I became interested in photography at around 8 years old.  My grandad loaned me his Box Brownie camera and I wandered around Croydon taking snaps - sadly I don't have any of those photos now! A couple of years on and I had managed to save enough money from my car cleaning and other part time jobs to buy a Petri 7S camera - a very nice 35mm rangefinder camera with fixed lens. I've lost count of all the cameras I've owned since then!

Years passed and a family came along, and my darkroom went, but never my passion for photography. Landscape and travel was always my main interest, and I progressed through to medium format cameras, before eventually switching to digital when they 'became of age'.  Even after 50+ years of photography, I'm still learning - the basics of exposure and composition haven't really changed, but what happens after pressing the shutter button moves on all the time.

This website shows you a little of what I do - both personal and commercial.  Many of my personal images are for sale, either as prints, or as low or high res images for commercial use - you can order direct from here, or contact me for any special requirements. Do please contact me if you are interested in commercial work - I love working with local businesses and helping them get their message across. My overheads are modest, so you will find me to be competitively priced!