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I guess I became interested in photography at around 8 years old.  My grandad loaned me his Box Brownie camera and I wandered around Croydon taking snaps - sadly I don't have any of those photos now! A couple of years on and I had managed to save enough money from my car cleaning and other part time jobs to buy a Petri 7S camera - a very nice 35mm rangefinder camera with fixed lens.

I was very fortunate in that a friend of my father was the manager of our local photographic shop, and he did some amazing deals for me - no wonder the shop went out of business a few years later!  His help saw me progress through a series of Pentax, Olympus and Nikon 35mm cameras, and by then I was developing my own black & white and colour photos.  Years passed and a family came along, and the darkroom went, but never my passion for photography. Landscape and travel was always my main interest, and I progressed to medium format cameras, before eventually switching to digital when they 'became of age'.  

As well as being able to get out with my camera most weekends, my then job involved a lot of international travel, and I had the opportunity to take photographs in the USA, Japan, South America, China and India.

Since retiring from my hectic international business career in 2009, I’ve been able to devote much more time to photography, both pursuing personal projects like landscapes and street photography, but also working with local companies to further their business through the use of imaginative and creative photography. As a ‘well rounded’ photographer (in more ways than one)  I specialise in product, food and property photography, but can either directly assist or point you in the right direction whatever your project brief.  I will not only produce beautiful photographs for you, but will process and prepare these for whatever use you intend for them, be it print, point of sale, or web use. My overheads are modest, so you will find me to be competitively priced.

This website will show you a little of what I do - both personal and commercial.  Many of my personal images are for sale, either as prints, or as low or high res images for commercial use - you can order direct from here, or contact me for any special requirements. Do please contact me if you are interested in commercial work - I love working with local businesses and helping them get their message across.



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